Monday, June 29, 2009

Who Chooses?

Who chooses us for this journey?

Does God? I have always thought that he did.

Did I? Maybe I chose this path before I was born.

Did the children? They could have known we could make a difference together.

I believe God has sent these kids here with a powerful message. I think he wants to let us know many things. Many of us have fallen off the path to him. This world lacks love, unconditional love. He commands us to love thy neighbor. How many of us love our neighbors, really? We are often quick to judge each other. Judgment is not for us to pass. We take too many precious things in life for granted, daily. Simple things in life should gratify us. It is all about simplicity and love. In addition to the morality of it, we are destroying God’s precious creations with the pollution and toxins forced into them. Someone has to open our eyes before it is too late. There is no one better than God to open them.

Possibly, I chose to mother these children. Was there a lesson that I needed to learn? Patience? Appreciativeness? Unconditional love? Before I had children, I thought I had patience. I could sit and fish forever without a single bite. Truthfully, I knew nothing about patience. I waited two and a half years, to hear my child call me Momma. Talk about a lesson in patience. It also taught me to appreciate that tiny feat. I now know to take nothing for granted and to appreciate what I am given daily. Could I love someone that hit and threw things at me? Someone that screamed so loud at me my ears hurt constantly and spit on me when things didn‘t go according to plan? Before motherhood, I would have thought not. That lesson comes, too, from being blessed with these children.

I think these little guys knew that we would overcome all the tribulations that come our way. It seems that they knew we would have patience with them when others would not. We share their excitement when they accomplish things others would say they should have done a year ago. They know we are going to be the ones loving and calming them down, when they throw a car at us and bust our lip. My heart melts to think that they could have chosen me as their Momma.

Bottom line is….. It does not matter who chose whom for what. The message is what is of importance and I have no doubt that message comes from God.

God blessed each of us, with our children.

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