Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I know what you know,
sweet babies of mine.
God put us together,
He knew we’d be fine.

Things in life overwhelm you,
I understand why now.
Momma deals with some things too,
Each of you have shown me how.

Many will not understand you,
I didn’t understand myself for years.
You have me with you though,
To help with all your fears.

Our crazy dogs barking,
Or me running the vacuum.
I know those things upset you,
I don’t have to assume.

A rough and itchy shirt,
Or my hair touching my face.
They’re not just uncomfortable,
They scatter me all over the place.

Won’t eat much meat,
Veggies are out of the question.
I‘ll fix anything you want,
Baby, just give me a suggestion.

Wonder what time we’ll crash tonight,
Or how many times we’ll get back up?
I know it’s not your fault , little man,
Don’t you worry, there’s coffee in my cup.
Are you scared to death to walk right up,
And ask if he wants to play?
Think about what we’ve rehearsed,
Take a deep breath, and kick that anxiety away.

Most importantly, my little ones,
Love each other and always be yourself.
Being comfortable with who you are,
For some , is unachievable wealth.