Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Daddy, please, just understand, I’m not quite like the others.
That doesn’t mean my love (for you) is less, it’s the same as my sister and brother.
Daddy, please, don’t get so mad, when I can’t go along with the plan.
My world is scattered, and so I break down, just take me by the hand.
Daddy, please, just comfort me and let me know it’s okay.
I’m getting better all the time, I’ll make you proud some day.
Daddy, know, I’m not just spoiled, ordering Momma around.
She’ll do whatever she can do, in this new life she’s found.
Daddy, know, that SpongeBob rocks, I have to watch him all day.
Compare it to that football game, the big one, where the last teams play.
Daddy, know, I sleep better with Momma, beside me every night.
I’ll sleep in my own bed, when I’m older and not so overcome by fright.
Daddy, yes, I know you love me, I feel it and see it in your face.
Just trying to help you understand, for me, this world can be a horrible place.

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